Degree Showcase 2021

- These Four Walls - CDM (MPDA) Degree Showcase 2021 -

These Four Walls is a showcase of work created by Media Production and Digital Arts students (aka CDM) students from Technological University Dublin, engaging with life in a global pandemic, physical and mental restrictions, and the joy and sadness that the students have experienced in their final year of university. The collection consists of impressive photography, audio, multimedia, and film production projects created by students from within the four walls of their home. Going live from Rua Red Arts Centre at 6pm on Thursday 27th May. 

Video Showreel Running Order

    1. ‘The Dark Room’ – Directed by Oisín Urwin – Dur: 3.55mins
    2. ‘On the Count of Three’– Directed by Luka Pilkauskaite –  Dur: 3.53 mins
    3. ‘Deliverance’– Directed by Zak Wheeler and Erin Kennedy – Dur: 4.33 mins
    4. ‘Spontaneous Anxiety Combustion’– Directed by Joseph Proud – Dur: 2.24 mins
    5. ‘Your Brain and Music’-Created by Dacian Puscas and Michael Gilbert – EXTRACT
    6. ‘A Ticket Down Memory Lane’– Created by Jack Staunton, Karl Delaney & Sarah Magee EXTRACT
    7.  ‘Standalone’– Directed by Karl Murphy – EXTRACT
    8. ‘Money’– Directed by Luka Pilkauskait – EXTRACT

Multimedia Showreel Running Order

    1. Bronwen Barrett– Préamhacha (3.32 mins)  
    2. Lee Cleary– L J Cleary, My Journey (2.00 mins)  
    3. Evan Coyle– EireSkate, From Rugby to Skateboarding (1.30 mins)  
    4. Caoimhe Flanagan and Mark Monks – An Exquisite Competition (3.06 mins) 
    5. Darragh Gilson, Sean Glynn, Rachel Hogan– Overworked and Underpaid (3.17 mins) 
    6. Noemi Lascay, Caerlang-LascayFamily Tree (1.30 mins)  
    7. Ciara Mc Dermott- Sensory Friendly Café, An Interactive Video (2.20 mins)  
    8. Richard Mc Nulty – Filter Bubble (2.18 mins)  
    9. Jennifer Mooney – Lily’s Adventure (1.20 mins)  
    10. Lisa Murray – Niamh, The Witch to Be and The Mystical Me (2.55)  
    11. Anna Sherlock – Where Do We Go to When We’re Finally Gone? (2.20 mins)  
    12. Isobel Solan – The Exploration of Wonder (3.14 mins)