About MPDA

Media Production and Digital Arts

Formerly Creative Digital Media

As a media student at TU Dublin, you’ll be thinking, designing and creating from your first days in the door. The course attracts ambitious, talented people who want a practical, hands-on education that prepares them for careers in the media and cultural sectors. An exciting range of practice-based modules allows students to specialize as they move through the programme. You’ll also be studying and discussing the role of the media in society keeping an eye to emerging 21st century social and technological trends.


The photography module allows students to study the technical and creative processes involved in Photography. They will get an opportunity to create and process images both digitally and through film. As students study the creative process, they will receive guidance from the lecturers, and also their peers, through discussions and group critique sessions.

Design, Animation and Multimedia

In Design and Multimedia, you’ll complete projects in graphic design, 2D and 3D animation, interactive design and development, visual special effects and interactive video. With the help of the lecturers, you’ll be brought through the relevant projects step by step and assisted with every stage. For example, by working on designing this course website, you’ll get hands on experience not just in the process of web design and development, but also in using HTML, CSS and WordPress.

Film, TV and Video

Students on the Creative Digital Media Degree produce high quality short films in fiction and documentary. Many of these are showcasing the work of the course at film festivals globally, with numerous award winners coming through in recent years too. This demonstrates that creativity and talent are at the heart of the course in Tallaght.

TV and Video gives students the opportunity to learn all of the standard practices, facilities and in depth knowledge of the industry. Graduates are then ready to work in a 360 degree media environment merging production skills from other practical and theory modules in the programme.

Audio and Radio

The Radio and Audio classes offer students the opportunity to gain experience in Radio Broadcasting and Audio Design.

They will get the opportunity to learn about presenting and broadcasting a live radio show in the college’s radio studio. Students will also learn about audio design and editing



The first of it's kind in the country, our programme has produced over 1000 graduates over 25 years.


Possible Professions

Graduates work in a wide variety of professions

100Visual Effects

100Film and Television



100Creative and Cultural Industries